Q. What do we need to provide?
A. Please provide a table for all of the science experiments to go on and access to electricity. There also needs to be enough space for the children to sit down either on the floor or chairs in front of the table. Ideally, there needs to be a small amount of room for the children to move around a bit. 
Q. Are the parties interactive?
A. YES! All children get to participate in a WhizzBang science party, taking it in turns to have a go at the different experiments. Each child will also make at least one thing to take home with them (Slime, Sweets, DNA pendants) 
Q. How long does a WhizzBang Science party last?
A. A standard party/workshop lasts 1 hour unless you opt for any of the additional modules that last an extra 15 minutes each. 
Q. When do the children eat?
A. Children usually eat after the science demonstrations have taken place.  If you have booked extra modules you can request for these to be done after food. 
Q. Can I host a party in my garden?
A. Yes you can although there needs to be access to electricity. It also needs to be a warm and dry day. The party would have to be moved inside if it was to rain/windy so it's always good to have a back up plan!